Online Courses

Below are the courses we currently have available. See each course description for details on format, cost and registration.

Overcoming Barriers to Consistent Calligraphy

Format: Email Training Series

Cost: Free

What You Will Learn: Discover what is keeping you from achieving the consistency you desire and determine the next best step for your calligraphy journey.

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Intro to Copperplate Calligraphy

Format: On-demand video course

Cost: $49 $27

Access: 6 months

What You Will Learn: Basics of pointed pen--all about supplies you need, how to use the pen, dealing with ink issues, proper positioning, and how to write the basic strokes. This course answers all the questions you didn't even think to ask.

*This course is included free with a Tier 2 membership.

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Copperplate with Jane: Minuscules

Format: On-demand video course

Cost: Included in Tier 2 Membership

Access: For duration of membership

What You Will Learn: How to write minuscule letters in copperplate calligraphy from a to z, numbers, punctuation, variations, connections, drills; proper spacing techniques; the best way to practice

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Copperplate with Jane: Majuscules

Format: On-demand video course

Cost: Included in Tier 2 Membership

Access: For duration of membership

What You Will Learn: How to write majuscule letters in copperplate calligraphy from A to Z, drills

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New Class Each Month for Subscription Members

Each month we launch a new project-based class to help build your skill set and give you a fun project to enjoy. Our students love learning new skills and have flourished in their personal abilities and even in growing their businesses as a result of these classes.

  • Tier 1 members receive one class each month available to watch for 60 days, along with access to the community forum
  • Tier 2 members receive the monthly class and community plus access to the Class Archive of all past classes. Visit the Class Directory to view all available classes.
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Who Should Attend?

Calligraphers of all skill levels are invited to join these courses. Whether you are starting from the very beginning or wanting focused practice to perfect your copperplate, this series is perfect for you.

What is the Format?

All classes are offered on-demand with videos and worksheets, right here on our course platform. See each individual course description for info on how long it is available.

What is Included?

Each course includes videos, printable worksheets, supply list and a guided daily practice plan. Tier 2 students will also have access to over 50 art and calligraphy classes.

Coming Soon--Italicized Handwriting Monthly Class Series

Jane Matsumoto will be teaching a series in our monthly classes on italicized handwriting. Tier 1 members will have access to these classes as they roll out.

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