Overcoming Barriers to Consistent Calligraphy


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Welcome to the Free Training Series--Overcoming Barriers to Consistent Calligraphy.

A 4-part series that will help you figure out what is holding you back and give you a plan for moving forward.

First of all, what is "Consistent Calligraphy"?

Ahh...that is a very good question. Let's dig in to this right away before we decide if you need to overcome any barriers to it, okay?

Consistency in calligraphy means different things to different people. Consistency simply means to do something the same way repeatedly, does it not? So you could technically be consistent in your calligraphy and still not have good results. Just sayin'.

When I use the word "consistent" here, I want to be clear that I mean not just consistently good, properly formed, or always the same. I do mean all those things, but I also mean something else.

I want your calligraphy to be something that consistently makes you feel proud and accomplished and satisfied, whatever that means for you. It could mean that you are able to write in whatever style you prefer without having ink blob all over your paper. It could mean that your slant lines are always the same and matching the guidelines. It could mean that you show up to practice every day that you intend.

All in all, when I aim to help you have consistent calligraphy, I aim to help you be confident that you are giving it your best and getting solid results that make you pleased with your efforts--whatever that means for you.

So in that regard, this is a somewhat customizable training. The Extra Lessons I'll tell you about in a minute are where that customization comes in.

You Could Use This Free Calligraphy Training If:

  • You aren't sure what calligraphy supplies to buy to get started
  • You have some ink problems you don't know how to fix
  • You're not sure if your nib is the problem or it's something else
  • You aren't sure about proper positioning or how to hold your pen
  • You have difficulty keeping your slant aligned with your calligraphy guidelines
  • You feel a little frustrated with your current calligraphy ability
  • You don't know exactly why your calligraphy doesn't look "right"
  • People have a hard time reading your calligraphy
  • You struggle making calligraphy practice a daily discipline

What You'll Get

  • A 4-part training series of articles written to directly address these issues of barriers to consistent calligraphy
  • Extra Learning section with each lesson to help you take the next step in determining your barriers and making a plan to overcome them
  • Opportunity to submit your specific calligraphy issues for us to consider as we work on future calligraphy trainings

Where is the Training?

An introduction to each training lesson will be delivered straight to your email with a link to the full training article.

When Does the Training Start?

The training starts as soon as you sign up. You will receive a new lesson every 3 or 4 days for about 2 weeks that you can view at your convenience.

Why Did I Make This Training?

Last year when I did a survey asking for what people wanted to learn in a free calligraphy class, there was an overwhelming response of frustration in getting consistent calligraphy results. There were also a lot of really basic problems people are having that are easily solved--or at least easily diagnosed.

While there is a lot to learn to develop solid skill in calligraphy (more than can be delivered in a free training series), there are quite a few things that can be easily addressed.

There are plenty of places online where you can find different people's opinions on what to do about each thing, but it is a little harder to find one single resource that addresses all of these things in one nice neat place.

I have aimed to create a training for you that gives you the answers you've been looking for without having to scour the internet. Especially if you're on a budget, I want to give you the best value I can without your having to spend more money.

For those who feel like they want to take the training a step further and get some video teaching and truly dig in to the how-to's of copperplate calligraphy, we have an Intro to Copperplate Calligraphy course that is the ideal starting place for you. But if some lightweight info is all you need, this is the perfect thing to get you off to the races.

How Do You Sign Up?

Scroll down just a little bit farther and you will see the sign up button. It's totally free--you just have to put in your name and email address so we know where to send your training articles.

I'm super excited to be bringing you this training, and I truly hope it helps get you over the hump if you feel stuck in your calligraphy progress.

Until next time,


Heather McKelvey

Co-founder, Kalli Camp Academy

P.S. If you're up for it, I've made an Extra Learning section as part of each lesson. Keep going to the next part to get some hands-on knowledge, even in this preview!

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Extra Learning

Did you know that only 5% of your learning comes from a lecture or lesson? Each of our training lessons comes with an Extra Learning section at the bottom. This is a hands-on session that enables you to put into practice what we discuss in the training. This helps you seal the deal on learning what your barriers are and how to overcome them. And even our preview today has some Extra Learning for you!

1. Take a moment to think about your calligraphy experience. Do you have any frustrations or questions that are unresolved? If so, get out a journal and write these down, because the first step in overcoming your barriers is to discover them. Also, drop them in the form below so we can be sure our training course covers your questions.

2. Grab your calligraphy results by the reigns and sign up for the training series Overcoming Barriers to Consistent Calligraphy. It's time to take action if your calligraphy isn't where you want it to be. Click the button below to Enroll in the Free Training Series.


Enroll in the Free Training Series

What are Your Calligraphy Struggles?

Do you have trouble with something specific? Hit us up in the form below so we can be sure we cover your issues in our course.

Take action on overcoming your barriers

This 4-part training series will deliver by email over the course of a couple weeks, but guess what! Your journey toward consistency can start right now! The Intro to Copperplate Calligraphy course covers everything we are discussing in this free training plus a TON MORE. Register today.

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