Learn Copperplate Calligraphy

Go from bewildered to confident in this calligraphy workshop made for the complete beginner. Jane Matsumoto expertly teaches everything you need to know to use a pointed pen and how to write elegant copperplate calligraphy.

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Who Should Enroll?

  • Anyone wanting to start at the very beginning in pointed pen calligraphy with no knowledge whatsoever
  • Modern calligraphers who want to develop skills in traditional Copperplate calligraphy
  • Experienced calligraphers who want to fine-tune their skills and establish dedicated practice routines

Anyone who wants guided practice and intense focus on Copperplate strokes should enroll now.

What is Included?

  • Self-paced Course, plus 3 live Zoom sessions
  • Foundational strokes, minuscules, majuscules, numbers and punctuation
  • 46 on-demand video lessons (over 11 hours instruction)
  • Printable worksheets with traceable strokes and guidelines
  • Daily practice plans for 6-months
  • Unlimited access to the course materials for one year
  • 4 Bonus video lessons
  • Tips for Lefties!
  • Answers to tons of your questions! See the list below for the questions answered in this course.
  • Class begins as soon as you enroll

Copperplate with Jane Course Overview

Introductory Lessons

Course Introduction

  • Welcome (1:34)
  • Supplies  (11:20)
  • Meet Instructor Jane Matsumoto (1:08)
  • Class Outline, Guidelines and Handouts (6:07)


  • Introduction to Course and Emotional Preparation (11:02)
  • Physical Preparation and History of Calligraphy (6:59)
  • Tips for Left-Handed Calligraphers (1:14)
  • Desk Setup and Pen Selection  (6:32)
  • Nib Selection, Prep, Conditioning, Troubleshooting (16:29)
  • Selecting the Best Paper  (5:43)
  • Some Tips for Practice (12:17)
  • Books, Desk Height, Tips (8:37)

Let’s Write

  • Warm-ups and the 4 Ps: Posture, Position, Paper Placement, Pen-hold (22:33)
  • Basic Strokes Intro and Focus on Ovals (11:43)
  • Deep Dive into Basic Strokes (21:32)
  • Basic Strokes Exercises (11:19)

Bonus Lessons

  • How to Adjust Your Pen (9:49)
  • How to Dip Your Pen in Ink (1:04)
  • How to Mix Bleed Proof White (1:20)
  • Intro to Underturn Minuscules (12:49)

Minuscules Lessons

  • Introduction (1:11)
  • Underturn Minuscules (12:22)
  • Overturn Minuscules and “minimum” (28:22)
  • Oval Minuscules (22:49)
  • Example Words (9:14)
  • Double-turn and Reverse Turn Minuscules (29:48)
  • Review One (30:29)
  • Tween Minuscules (26:31)
  • Ascending Loop Minuscules (32:22)
  • Ascending Loop words (11:43)
  • Review Two (23:27)
  • Descending Loop Minuscules (22:56)
  • Descending Loop Words (10:44)
  • Make an Exemplar (20:55)
  • Copperplate Variation (17:22)
  • Numbers with Variations (24:57)
  • Punctuation and Farewell (8:03)

Majuscules Lessons

  • Introduction (0:52)
  • Message from Jane (1:08)
  • Majuscule Exercises Part 1 (13:03)
  • Majuscule Exercises Part 2 (15:43)
  • Compound Curve Majuscules Part 1 (25:21)
  • Compound Curve Majuscules Part 2 (11:53)
  • Oval Majuscules Warm-ups (9:47)
  • Oval Majuscules (26:17)
  • Curl Majuscules (26:04)
  • Loop Majuscules Warmups (7:26)
  • Loop Majuscules (28:18)


Who Should Attend?

Pointed pen calligraphers who are just starting out or modern calligraphers wanting to learn traditional copperplate calligraphy will love this course.

What is the Format?

All classes are on-demand and self-paced right here on our course platform. The classes will be available to you for the duration of your membership.

What is Included?

Lessons include videos, supply lists, and worksheets where appropriate. As a Tier 2 member, you also get access to over 70 art and calligraphy classes and our community forum.

Supply List

The supplies below are the ones recommended in the course. You can purchase all of these supplies directly at John Neal Books.


  • JNB graph practice pad (P21)
  • Borden & Riley Boris Marker Layout Paper (P09-50)
  • Gum Arabic Powder (I85)
  • Daniel Smith Walnut Ink (I145) 
  • Graduated Pipet 7ml (S870)
  • Small Screw Top Dinky Dips with holder (S934)
  • Dual Use Workshop Holder (Oblique/Straight) (H129)

Choice of:

  • Nikko G nib (N113) (3) or Pointed Nib Sampler (N154)

Other suggested supplies/recommendations:

  • JNB practice pad (P20)
  • Gilbert Bond 25% Cotton Practice Pad 11x17 (P70)
  • Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Black (I04)
  • Moon Palace Sumi Ink (I70)
  • Dr. Ph. Martin Bleed Proof White Ink (I38)
  • Fox & Quill Iron Gall inks (I160)
  • Vintage Hunt 22B (N93-V)
  • Gillott 303 (N72)
  • Hunt 101 (N77)
  • Leonardt Principal EF Nib (N120)
  • Westcott 2x18" graph ruler (S944)
  • SmudgeGuard Two-finger Glove (S1025) or a white cotton glove with the thumb and first 2-3 fingers cut out (leave the pinky finger on glove)

Got Questions?

We've got answers! All of these questions are answered just in the introduction section of the course:

  • How do I even get started if I know absolutely nothing?
  • How do I position my paper, arm and pen?
  •  How do I avoid discomfort for long episodes of sitting?
  • What is the difference between Engrosser’s Script and Copperplate?
  • How do I learn calligraphy if I am left-handed?
  • How do I set up my workspace?
  • Should I use a straight pen or an oblique pen?
  • What is the best nib for me?
  • How do I prep my nib?
  • Why does ink pool up on my nib?
  • How can I make my nibs last longer?
  • When do I add gum arabic and how much?
  • How do I know when to toss out a nib?
  • Why are my hairlines not thin?
  • Why is my ink clumping up?
  • What is the best way to practice?
  • How do I get a flat top and a flat bottom on my downstroke?
  • Where do I start and end each stroke?
  • How many repetitions should I do of each stroke?
  • How do I correct my strokes if they aren’t looking right?
  • How do I know what to practice?
  • How do I establish consistency?

Meet the Instructor, Jane Matsumoto

Jane is an instructor, mentor, calligrapher, and watercolor artist who specializes in traditional forms of calligraphy in both pointed pen and broad edge work. Jane is a certified American Cursive instructor. She shares valuable calligraphy and watercoloring tips as well as her extensive knowledge about calligraphy and watercoloring supplies on Instagram @GinkgoArts. Jane has studied with or attended workshops from esteemed calligraphers and instructors such as Barbara Close, Bill Kemp, Carol DuBosch, Denis Brown, Harvest Crittenden, Heather Held, Jake Weidmann, John Stevens, Kathy Milici, Marie Hornback, Phyllis Macaluso, and Rosemary Buczek. She is a member of IAMPETH, Friends of Calligraphy, Pacific Scribes, Society for Calligraphy, and The Washington Calligraphers Guild.

Don't miss your chance to learn Copperplate calligraphy with Jane!

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What Our Students Have to Say About Jane

Morgan Milton @doinmydrills

"Jane brings so much joy and passion to everything she teaches. She expertly combines technical skill with playful whimsy and empowers her students."

Angela Hatcher @writwritten

"Jane finds a way of taking something complicated and unraveling it so you can learn all the individual details. With her teaching, you learn how to perfect each piece and weave it all back together to create your own masterpiece. She has the best supply recommendations and you can tell how much she loves what she’s teaching."

Ezra Feller @ezra_ben_mordecai

"Jane is so knowledgeable and makes you feel welcome from the start. She has a way of breaking something down into simple pieces. "

Dindi Martin @justwritedindi

"Jane inspires her students to create wonderful works of art by breaking down it's elements into smaller, easier to understand pieces, like building blocks, so that we can then be confident to create on our own. Her soothing voice encourages and builds you up to further pursue art in all its complexity. It's truly a pleasure to learn from an amazing teacher like Jane."

Gretchen Montebello @gretchen.calligraphy

"Jane has a passion for teaching and it shows, because she takes time to answer everyone's questions. She's very approachable and one of the kindest and caring people I've ever met!"

Janet Ho @jal.art377

"Jane is generous, loving, and a knowledgeable teacher. She inspires her students with a positive attitude and always carries a smile on her face with a very comforting voice!! I feel so blessed to learn from Jane!"

Vijayshree Prakash @vjcallinewbie

"Jane’s positive attitude and generosity is reflected in everything she does. She uses a wonderful teaching technique. First, breaks up complex artwork in simple elements. Then, she goes step by step to put it all together while explaining the rules. Finally, she encourages us to explore variations so that our work is not a copy but has something of our own. More than anything, she has taught me to appreciate my work and be patient with myself. Every time I attend her session, I feel secure and comfortable enough to voice my thoughts and ask questions. She was kind enough to make a video and post it on IG to address a challenge I was facing in my calligraphy practice."

Laurie Paolinetti @lauriepaolinetti

"Jane teaches with such detailed instruction, & her passion & knowledge for all things calligraphy & art are endless! A favorite teacher of mine!"

Tico Kanzaki @tico.calligramotion

"What Jane talks about always has meaning or reason behind it whether it comes from her historical studies or from her experiences as a calligrapher. She always breaks it down and explains it for us to understand or execute the technique easily. Her passion for teaching and the patients she has with us are gratefully appreciated. She pays attention to each student and guides us through when we are lost."

Sonia Pal @soniajpal

"Jane is an instructor and mentor who breaks down the most complex techniques step by step in such a way that it is beneficial for students at all levels, beginner to pro. She will add in tips and tricks as well as resources that are useful. Her calm voice and bright smile makes learning fun!!"

Don't miss your chance to learn Copperplate calligraphy with Jane!

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