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Virtual Art and Calligraphy Education

  • Enjoy over 70+ classes on demand to expand your skill set.
  • One new class launched every month - see schedule below
  • Private community to meet fellow artists

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We encourage slowing down, engaging your creativity, and connecting with others as a means to purposeful living.

What is Included?

  • 70+ On-demand video classes
  • Printable handouts for each class
  • Private community to connect with creatives
  • Supplies are not included
  • Classes do not expire; they are all accessible immediately and for the duration of your membership
  • No contract obligation--cancel anytime

New classes coming to Tier 2: 

Launching June 2023 - May 2024


Monoline Italic by Sonia Pal @asquarewatermelon - June 2023

Creating a Watercolor Wreath in Procreate by Michelle Coulter @blueskieslettering - July 2023

Art Appreciation Journal with Vintage Aesthetic* by Nana @byratnasarawati - August 2023

Creating an Illustrated Watercolor Map by Allison McClanahan @wildwoodcalligraphyandpost - September 2023
Flourished Butterflies by Sabine Tack @federverliebt - November 2023
Calligrams by Sabine Tack @federverliebt - December 2023
Methodology for Learning a New Script by Sonia Pal @asquarewatermelon - January 2024
Innovative Calligraphy Color Blending Techniques by Lonna Yen @inkfurie - February 2024
LIVE: Intro to Italian Hand by Allison McClanahan @wildwoodcalligraphyandpost - March 2024

From Pen to Profit--Selling Your Artwork by Michelle Coulter @blueskieslettering - April 2024

*Note: This class expires December 31, 2024.

This is not a complete list of classes. Classes subject to change without notice.

Wedding Invitation Suite Classes

Design a Watercolor Crest

Allison McClanahan @wildwoodcalligraphyandpost

Allison's Live Bonus Monogram Class

Allison McClanahan @wildwoodcalligraphyandpost

Design a Wedding Invitation Suite

Allison McClanahan @wildwoodcalligraphyandpost

Prepare Invitations for Printing

Allison McClanahan @wildwoodcalligraphyandpost


Brush Pen Lettering Class

Intro to Brush Pen Lettering

Malka Klein @malka.klein

Learn To Critique Your Calligraphy with a Tier 2 Membership

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Calligraphy Critique and Layout Classes

Magic Centering Method

Heather McKelvey @kallialitheia

Center Formatting Your Calligraphy Projects

Regenia Paige @regeniapaigecalligraphy

Copperplate Critique: Ascending and Descending Loops

Regenia Paige @regeniapaigecalligraphy

Copperplate Critique:

The O-Form

Regenia Paige @regeniapaigecalligraphy

Copperplate Critique: Pressure Strokes

Regenia Paige @regeniapaigecalligraphy

Copperplate Critique: Foundational Strokes

Regenia Paige @regeniapaigecalligraphy

Copperplate Critique: Triangular Spaces

Regenia Paige @regeniapaigecalligraphy

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Different Calligraphy Script Classes

Writing Broad

Edge Neuland

Jane Matsumoto @ginkgoarts

Intro to Monoline Uncial Calligraphy

Jane Matsumoto @ginkgoarts

Intro to Pointed

Pen Uncial

Jane Matsumoto @ginkgoarts

Weaver Writing Script

Jane Matsumoto @ginkgoarts

Art Nouveau Lettering Style with Speedball A Nib

Jane Matsumoto @ginkgoarts

Lettering with the Speedball B Nib

Jane Matsumoto @ginkgoarts

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Digital Classes

How to Use Procreate

Angenise Rawls @thegracefulpenstudio

Digital Coloring Page DIY

Carrie Ellis @carrieelliscalligraphy

Style and Photograph Flatlays

Allison McClanahan @wildwoodcalligraphyandpost

How to Digitize Calligraphy

Allison McClanahan @wildwoodcalligraphyandpost

How to Animate Your Lettering Using Procreate

Angenise Rawls @thegracefulpenstudio

How to Design a Logo

Angenise Rawls @thegracefulpenstudio

Create and Edit Vectors of Calligraphy

Heather McKelvey @kallialitheia

Monogram and Flourishing Classes

How to Create a Monogram

Melissa Baker @melissabakercalligraphy

Flourished Snowflake with Pointed Pen

Regenia Paige @regeniapaigecalligraphy

Different Strokes: Offhand Flourishing and Cartouche

Jane Matsumoto @ginkgoarts

Intro toBroad Edge Flourishing

Malka Klein @malka.klein

Learn Flourishing and create Monograms with a Tier 2 Membership

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Who Should Enroll?

  • Anyone with an interest in learning calligraphy, painting, colored pencil application, various crafts, and introduction to digital art with Procreate
  • Creative minds (or hopefuls) who want to connect with other people who share their passions
  • Anyone who tends to take on too much in life and needs a bona fide reason to slow down and explore their creative side

Who Should Enroll?

Artists, calligraphers and creative hopefuls who desire to slow down from the daily grind, learn various skills, and connect with others.

What is the Format?

All classes are on-demand and self-paced right here on our course platform. The classes will be available to you for the duration of your membership.

What is Included?

  • Lessons include videos, supply lists, and worksheets where appropriate
  • Private Community for making connections

Classes Included*

These are just a sample of the classes. View our Class Directory of over 70 classes here.

Pointed Pen Calligraphy

  • Modern Calligraphy - including two different styles

Broad Edge Calligraphy

  • Intro to Monoline Uncial Calligraphy (18 minutes)
  • Art Nouveau Lettering Style with Speedball A Nib (1 hour 23 minutes)
  • Intro to Hebrew Calligraphy (51 minutes)
  • Intro to Broad Edge Flourishing (36 minutes)

Brush Pen Calligraphy

  • Intro to Brush Pen Lettering with the Tombow Fudenosuke Pen (37 minutes)
  • How to Make Letters Dance (20 minutes)
  • Faux calligraphy (22 minutes)

Watercolor and Colored Pencils

  • Watercolor Charging and Glazing Techniques (1 hour 14 minutes)
  • Color Application with Colored Pencils (12 minutes)
  • Watercolor Painting with Tea and Coffee (45 minutes)
  • Additional watercolor technique classes

Crafts and Correspondence

  • Foil Quill Pen Calligraphy (25 minutes)
  • Hand-lettered Wood Signs (21 minutes)
  • Writing Thank You Notes (27 minutes)
  • Japanese Stab Binding (36 minutes)
  • Additional classes including lettering on unusual surfaces and book binding


  • How to Use Procreate (34 minutes)
  • Digital Coloring Page DIY (40 minutes)
  • How to Style and Photograph Flatlays (32 minutes)
  • Additional classes  including designing and vectorizing a logo

Monogram Flourishing and Layout

  • How to Create a Monogram (24 minutes)
  • Flourished Snowflake (21 minutes)
  • Magic Centering Method (55 minutes)
  • Additional classes including flourishing a cartouche

Wedding Invitation Suite Design Series

  • A series comprised of three courses from designing a watercolor crest to printing your stationery design. (134 minutes) 

*Classes subject to change.



  • Michelle Coulter @blueskieslettering, Alabama USA
  • Regenia Paige @regeniapaigecalligraphy, Michigan USA
  • Jane Matsumoto @ginkgoarts, California USA
  • Ezra Feller @ezra.feller, Belgium
  • Malka Klein @malkaklein, Israel
  • Olivia Shee @ollie.lettersaturdayz, Malaysia
  • Melissa Baker @melissabakercalligraphy, Alabama USA
  • Angenise Rawls @thegracefulpenstudio, Ohio USA
  • Carrie Ellis @carrieelliscalligraphy, Texas USA
  • Allison McClanahan @wildwoodcalligraphyandpost, Utah USA
  • Heather McKelvey @kallialitheia, Alabama USA
  • Sonia Pal @asquarewatermelon, North Carolina USA
  • Sabine Tack @federverliebt, Germany
  • Nana @byratnasarawati, Italy
  • Lonna Yen @inkfurie, California, USA

What Tier 2 Does Not Include

  • Deep dive instruction into any one calligraphy script
  • Supplies for the classes; each class has a list of supply recommendations, and you are responsible for obtaining supplies
  • Comprehensive art education; our focus is on giving you variety and teaching you many, many techniques that will spark your desire to explore independent learning
  • Instructor feedback; our instructors delight in corresponding with you on their Instagram platforms, and any correspondence with them is independent from Kalli Camp Academy and of their own accord.

Slow down and embrace your creativity with a Tier 2 Membership

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