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Kalli Camp Academy brings you instructors who not only excel in their arts, but also have a passion for teaching and investing in their students.


Allison McClanahan

Social Media Coordinator

Allison is a calligrapher and wedding stationer who has been practicing pointed pen calligraphy since 2018. She began calligraphy after she renewed her interest in snail mailing, and she discovered her favorite pastime is addressing envelopes! She started out learning via Pinterest and Instagram, but has since had the pleasure of taking some workshops and one-on-one classes too. She is still learning and takes any opportunity to grow. Most of her work is with brides (for envelope addressing and wedding stationery) or other calligraphers (with beginner classes and mini-coaching sessions about how to start your calligraphy business).

Allison currently lives in Utah with her husband and daughter whom she homeschools. She loves to hike and adventure, and she always votes to take the scenic byway! One of her favorite things to do (besides calligraphy) is look for wildlife in the mountains/desert.

Instagram: @wildwoodcalligraphyandpost


Carrie Ellis

Carrie is a calligrapher, sign maker, and teacher from Texas. She has been practicing calligraphy since 2014 and has been teaching in person workshops since 2018. Carrie has most recently begun using her calligraphy skills to branch out and “write on all the things,” as she says. She enjoys lettering on unique surfaces and has a strong desire to turn ordinary items into art with a bit of blood, sweat, tears, and a lot of heart. Sign making is a favorite of hers and she enjoys bringing that passion to those eager to learn.

Carrie lives on a small ranch in north Texas with her husband, two precious sons, and lots of various farm animals. She is an elementary school teacher beginning her 8th year in the public school classroom this fall.

Instagram: @carrieelliscalligraphy


Facebook: @carrieelliscalligraphy


Jane Matsumoto

Jane is an instructor, mentor, calligrapher, and watercolor artist who specializes in traditional forms of calligraphy in both pointed pen and broad edge work. Jane is a certified American Cursive instructor. She shares valuable calligraphy and watercoloring tips as well as her extensive knowledge about calligraphy and watercoloring supplies on Instagram @GinkgoArts. Jane has studied with or attended workshops from esteemed calligraphers and instructors such as Barbara Close, Bill Kemp, Carol DuBosch, Denis Brown, Harvest Crittenden, Heather Held, Jake Weidmann, Kathy Milici, Marie Hornback, Phyllis Macaluso, and Rosemary Buczek. She is a member of IAMPETH, Friends of Calligraphy, Pacific Scribes, Society for Calligraphy, and The Washington Calligraphers Guild.

Instagram: @ginkgoarts

Facebook: @ginkgoarts

Malka Klein

Malka is a modern calligrapher and watercolor painter living in Israel. She has a background in graphic design and a life-long love of beautiful letters. Malka has been drawing for as long as she can remember and in the past few years opened her calligraphy and fine art business where she creates custom artwork for luxury events. Malka enjoys teaching virtual and live workshops on painting and modern calligraphy technique. 

Malka lives in central Israel with her husband, two daughters and black Labrador. She loves a good pen pal and summers in the Rocky Mountains. 

Instagram: @malkaklein

Facebook: @malkaklein



Regenia Paige


Regenia is a calligrapher, teacher, and a member of the Michigan Association of Calligraphers. 

She was introduced to broad edge calligraphy in her teens and practiced it for about six years before taking a thirty year hiatus. In April 2018, she picked up her first pointed pen and that's when she discovered copperplate. In the beginning,  she practiced so much her husband once said to her "calligraphy is your new boyfriend." So now she occasionally refers to calligraphy as her boyfriend. 

She enjoys writing and painting with walnut Ink, she loves the sound of rain and thunder (especially when she writes), taking care of her many plant babies,  and playing with her grandchildren. 

Instagram: @regeniapaigecalligraphy


Angenise Rawls

Project Coordinator

Angenise is a calligraphy artisan specializing in calligraphy, engraving, watercolor and most recently, surface pattern design. Her journey started as a young girl making cards for friends and family. While in sixth grade, her English teacher taught her Italic calligraphy using the well known Elegant Writer markers. By the time she was in high school, she'd stopped doing calligraphy and didn't return to the art until 2004. She became smitten with Copperplate but had no clue where to begin. Even after buying books and nibs, it wasn't until Kalli Camp Live in 2020 that she learned how to do pointed pen from the instructors she'd befriended in the community.

Angenise is a member of IAMPETH, and has had her work featured with Manuscript Brands, The Flourish Club, The Community of Christian Creatives magazine and is an ambassador for Ferris Wheel Press.

Born and raised in Ohio to West Indian parents, she has an affinity for cooking, baking and mimicking foreign accents. In her spare time, Angenise enjoys learning new craft techniques, making handmade cards and spending time with family. She is also a pianist at her church and loves going on nature walks.


Instagram: @thegracefulpenstudio



Kalli Camp Academy is fortunate to have instructors who have volunteered to give you bonus classes to enjoy as part of your membership to the community. We would like to thank each of these contributors for their generosity.

Melissa Baker


Michelle Coulter


Ezra Feller


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