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Learn the basics of pointed pen calligraphy in this on-demand, self-paced course taught by Jane Matsumoto. Three hours of lessons will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

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Copperplate Critique: Triangular Spaces

Copperplate calligraphy is a beautiful script, but for a beginner, it can be quite challenging. In this final class of our copperplate critiquing series, you will learn how to micro-critique the invisible triangular space that occurs within the script. You'll begin improving your skills and calligrapher's eye.

Join us for class - on-demand and available starting February 6, 2023 to enrolled students. Enjoy this video and printable worksheets right away!

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"Kalli Camp Academy not only has taught me so many new calligraphy skills, tips, and tricks, it has also given me such a warm, supportive community! In a time where we all have to be apart, KCA has created an amazing global family!"

Kim Cavallin
Artist @splashofcolorsdesign

"Heather and ALL the wonderful teachers have created something of great value. I've loved what they've done so far and am eager to see what they have coming! And I love their sense of community. It's a feel good, smart, helpful, and supportive collaborative. I'm very glad I'm a part!"

Sharon Katz
Calligrapher @splendidscrawls

"The faculty and students of Kalli Camp Academy have created a remarkable community of lettering artists and calligraphers; when I chat with a teacher or fellow classmate online, it feels like talking to a friend. The instruction is solid, and the instructors are fast to connect when students reach out. The best part about joining the Kallicamp community has been the constant encouragement that I've received as I've found my path as a new calligrapher."

Amelia Mau
Calligrapher & Lettering Artist @yellowpoppyletters

"Kalli Camp Academy has exposed me to such a wide breath of calligraphy related skills and techniques. The instructors and courses have allowed me to try things I never would have attempted on my own. In the process, I have challenged myself creatively and discovered so many new things that I love. The community around KCA is outstanding and supportive. KCA and the people surrounding it have been an integral part of my calligraphy journey and learning process."

Morgan Milton

"Kalli Camp Academy has given me so many new things to learn. It started with the boot camp and I was hooked. The topics are wide-ranging and I appreciate the exposure to different traditions and styles! Even more, I appreciate the supportive community and the friends I have made within it. You all rock!"

Alli Szuba
Calligrapher & Photographer @alligraphypicsandscript

"You've made this week the most informative, exciting and fun week I've ever had on the [Instagram] platform–and it's not even over yet! Thank you so much for pulling this together in an incredibly short time!"

Susannah Fisher
Calligrapher & Illustrator @violettebellestudio

"Thank you so much for such a great camp. I didn't know we could have camp like feelings sitting across the continents with such awesome teachers. I am grateful. Thank you so much once again."

Babita Raju
Camper at KalliCampLive

On-demand Classes for Calligraphers

Intro to Monoline Uncial Calligraphy • How to Style and Photograph Your Flatlays • Tea & Coffee Watercolor Painting • How to Write Faux Calligraphy • Copperplate Critique Techniques for Ascending and Descending Loops • and Many More!

Virtual Art and Calligraphy Education

Video Tutorials

Expand your craft with over 70 on-demand, video tutorials. We focus on  the fine art of calligraphy with pointed pen, watercolor and hand-lettering, as well as crafts and digital art creation.

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Take your learning to the next level with downloadable handouts to correspond with each video. This puts supply lists, note-taking, and supplementary info at your fingertips.

Private Community

Connect with our global community of artists and have direct access to our mentors through this private group where we grow friendships with those who share artistic passions.

We engage artists worldwide, empowering them to enhance their artistic skills, connect with likeminded creatives and encourage the world through the power of beautifully written words.

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