How to draw a Flourished Snowflake With Pointed Pen

Nothing says Christmas or the Holidays like a beautifully flourished snowflake. In this lesson you will learn fun ways to flourish and design decorative and festive elements so you can create beautiful snowflakes to write on your holiday cards and envelopes. There's also a fun bonus lesson at the end, so stay tuned!

Topics Covered: 

  • How to create a radial flourish
  • How to use watercolors for pointed pen calligraphy 

Materials Needed:

  • pointed nib
  • oblique or straight nib holder
  • ink of your choice
  • pen or pencil
  • ruler
  • water
  • eye dropper
  • pearlescent watercolor, colored inks, or gouache
  • watercolor paper or practice paper

Bonus Session Materials:

  • pointed nib
  • oblique or straight nib holder
  • watercolors, colored inks, or gouache
  • festive cookie cutter or traceable object
  • pencil and eraser
  • water and eyedropper 

Homework Challenge

Want to see our students homework? Search the hashtag #kcasnowflake on Instagram to see samples from this week's homework. Our students who participate in this challenge get entered into a drawing to win prizes.

Instructor: Regenia Paige

Instagram: @regeniapaigecalligraphy



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