Copperplate Basics: Tips for Getting Started

Have you ever seen something written in calligraphy and became instantly smitten with the beauty and elegance of it all? Perhaps you were at a wedding or baby shower and beautiful place cards or signage caught your eye, to the point where you said to yourself "I wish I could do that".

Here's where we come in. Enter the world of Kalli Camp Academy, a community to learn, flourish, and grow in the art of calligraphy. We aim to make it possible for artists at every skill level and culture to grow in their craft and connect with others on a deeper level through true friendships centered around shared passions. We also aim to support each other and help grow our small businesses as a result of this collaborative endeavor.


If you're just starting out or planning to start, here are helpful tips we recommend for beginners. 

Choose the right pen holder

Jane Matsumoto, who teaches our Introduction to Copperplate Calligraphy course, recommends a pen holder that can...

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