How to Design a Logo

angenise digital Oct 07, 2022

If you’ve been needing to design a logo but had no clue where to begin, this class takes you step-by-step to demonstrate how to brainstorm, sketch and refine your logo. Whether you’ve already established your business or are getting ready to embark on the entrepreneurship journey, this class will help you understand the thought process behind logo design and includes a questionnaire to help you identify your brand story. It can even be the door to begin offering logo design for clients!

Topics Covered

  • Brainstorming your logo design
  • Elements to consider when branding your company
  • Where to find inspiration
  • How to sketch logo compositions on paper
  • How to sketch logo compositions on the iPad using Procreate
  • How to create floral line drawings by tracing photos
  • How to export your digital logo design into a jpg or png
  • How to import a jpg or png into Adobe Illustrator
  • How to convert the image into a vector
  • How to export the vector in various file types

For an extended class on...

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Freehand Engraving Your Calligraphy

Homework hashtag: #kcaengraving

This class will show you the basics of getting started with engraving your calligraphy on various surfaces and objects for gifts or clients. If you’ve been wanting a way to add luxury calligraphy to your portfolio, elevate your calligraphy or add a new skill set to your hobby, this is the class for you.

Students will learn:

•what tools to use for engraving

•safety while engraving

•items to engrave on and what to use for drafting your calligraphy

•correcting your mistakes

•how to refine your calligraphy on 3D objects such as tile, glassware and metal

•ideas for additional surfaces that can be engraved

Want to join us for class? It's offered on-demand and available starting February 6, 2022 to enrolled students. Enjoy this video and printable worksheets right away!

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Materials Needed: 

•An engraver, brushless motor nail drill or micro motor Dremel that has an...

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Foil Quill Pen Calligraphy

If you love the look of foil as I do, this class is sure to inspire you! Whether you want to add an elegant touch to personalize handmade cards, scrapbooks, journals, photos, gifts, home decor, and more, having the ability to foil your calligraphy is sure to be eye-catching to your recipients. This class will walk you through the steps of how to use the foil quill pen on various surfaces in several different projects. From cards to envelope addressing, to place cards and ribbon, I am excited about showing you how to add a personal touch with foil to your designs.

Want to join us for class? It's offered on-demand and available starting August 2, 2021 to enrolled students. Enjoy this video and printable worksheets right away!

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• Foil Quill Pen - We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill Freestyle Pen Note: be sure to get the Foil Quill Pen, as there is a cutting machine attachment called Foil Quill, which is used in Cricut,...

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How to Use Procreate

Having the ability to use the iPad can open possibilities for new ways to do artwork such as drawing, painting, surface pattern design, digitizing your lettering for vectorizing (needed for letterpress and more), and even practicing your lettering on the go! Last year, I created a wedding suite entirely in Procreate, then exported the files to print them for my client. Recently, I designed my business card in Procreate, then exported it to Adobe Illustrator to vectorize it for KCA Instructor Allison McClanahan to letterpress it!

Want to join us for class? It's offered on-demand and now available in the class archive. Enjoy this video and printable worksheets today!

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Materials Needed: 

  • iPad 6th generation or higher, OR
  • iPad Air 3rd generation or higher, OR
  • iPad Pro
  • The Procreate app
  • Apple Pencil

Homework Challenge: 

Want to see our students' homework? Search the hashtag #kcaprocreate on Instagram to see samples...

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