Create a Watercolor Wreath in Procreate

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Have you admired beautiful watercolor designs from afar thinking that it would never be something you could do? Want to be able to create beautiful artwork from the comfort of your own couch? ;) Then this class is for you! I will take you through the creation of a watercolor wreath from sketch to final product. We will talk through some basic leaf shapes, ways to add variation to your artwork to more closely approximate the look of traditional watercolor, and how to prepare your design for print.

Topics Covered:

  1. Setting up your canvas and a few Procreate tips and tricks
  2. How to make basic botanical design elements
  3. Easily creating a sketch for your artwork
  4. Creating a beautiful watercolor artwork piece from your sketch
  5. Exporting your artwork for print

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Design a Watercolor Crest

Designing wedding invitations has never been more fun! This class is kicking off a 3-month series on designing a wedding invitation suite. We are starting with learning to design a watercolor crest, and in this class we will be making artwork to use throughout the entire suite. Over the next three months, look forward to learning about the different parts of the wedding invitation suite, how to design them, and what to do to get them from your pen or brush to the printer.

Design a Watercolor Crest is chock-full of new techniques for you to learn, from design and painting techniques to working in Photoshop. You will be inspired to dream and amazed at your new abilities. This class will provide you with grins, whoa’s and “Aha!” moments. The watercolor crest you will create can be used not just for wedding invitations, but for personal stationery, wall-hangings in baby nurseries, and no shortage of creative custom artwork. Take a look at the topics that will be...

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How to Animate Your Lettering Using Procreate on Your iPad

Can you count the times you’ve seen an intriguing intro to a tutorial and the graphics were so impressive, you wondered how they achieved it? The first time I saw an intro with animated lettering (not just typed text), I was enthralled! Being able to use Procreate has been a game-changer for my lettering, and learning how to animate my own lettering has been exhilarating. Just think, you will be able to amp up your social media presence, or add interesting intros to your YouTube, TikTok, Reels, Instagram or Facebook videos. I’ll show you a simple way to animate a previously lettered design or a new one, as well as how to export it to use in your video.

Topics Covered:

  1. How to Animate Your Lettering Using Procreate
  2. How to Export and Save Your Video at the Proper Speed
  3. How to Install the Free InShot Video App to Create Your Video
  4. How to Use the Free Canva App to Create Beautiful Cover Photos and Graphics For Your Videos

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How to Use Procreate

Having the ability to use the iPad can open possibilities for new ways to do artwork such as drawing, painting, surface pattern design, digitizing your lettering for vectorizing (needed for letterpress and more), and even practicing your lettering on the go! Last year, I created a wedding suite entirely in Procreate, then exported the files to print them for my client. Recently, I designed my business card in Procreate, then exported it to Adobe Illustrator to vectorize it for KCA Instructor Allison McClanahan to letterpress it!

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