Create a Watercolor Wreath in Procreate

Homework Hashtag: #kcadigitalwatercolor


Have you admired beautiful watercolor designs from afar thinking that it would never be something you could do? Want to be able to create beautiful artwork from the comfort of your own couch? ;) Then this class is for you! I will take you through the creation of a watercolor wreath from sketch to final product. We will talk through some basic leaf shapes, ways to add variation to your artwork to more closely approximate the look of traditional watercolor, and how to prepare your design for print.

Topics Covered:

  1. Setting up your canvas and a few Procreate tips and tricks
  2. How to make basic botanical design elements
  3. Easily creating a sketch for your artwork
  4. Creating a beautiful watercolor artwork piece from your sketch
  5. Exporting your artwork for print

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  • Click on Classroom
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Materials Needed

* Please feel free to substitute with your own tools!

  • An iPad Pro or one that has the capability to run the Procreate app
  • The Procreate app
  • An Apple Pencil or pressure sensitive stylus
  • Lisa Glanz’ Aqua Real Watercolor Brush Set ( for-procreate/). * You may use the standard watercolor brushes in procreate or another brush set if you prefer!
  • Molly Suber Thorpe Ultimate Calligraphy Brush Set ( *I love these brushes, but please feel free to use your own if you prefer!


Instructor: Michelle Coulter

Instagram: @blueskieslettering



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