How to Design a Logo

angenise digital Oct 06, 2022

If you’ve been needing to design a logo but had no clue where to begin, this class takes you step-by-step to demonstrate how to brainstorm, sketch and refine your logo. Whether you’ve already established your business or are getting ready to embark on the entrepreneurship journey, this class will help you understand the thought process behind logo design and includes a questionnaire to help you identify your brand story. It can even be the door to begin offering logo design for clients!

Topics Covered

  • Brainstorming your logo design
  • Elements to consider when branding your company
  • Where to find inspiration
  • How to sketch logo compositions on paper
  • How to sketch logo compositions on the iPad using Procreate
  • How to create floral line drawings by tracing photos
  • How to export your digital logo design into a jpg or png
  • How to import a jpg or png into Adobe Illustrator
  • How to convert the image into a vector
  • How to export the vector in various file types

For an extended class on how to edit the vector in detail in order to fine-tune the conversion and how to export it with tight margins, see the class Create and Edit Vectors of Calligraphy.

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  • Log in to your account
  • Click on Classroom
  • Click on Tier 2 -- Class Archive
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Materials Needed

  • Canson marker paper or tracing paper
  • Drawing pencil and eraser
  • Gliding ruler or Helix ruler
  • A scanner and Adobe Photoshop for digitizing, or an iPad with the Procreate app & Apple Pencil
  • Desktop computer, laptop or MacBook
  • Adobe Illustrator or use the online vector sources in the handout

Homework Challenge

Want to see our student's homework? Search the hashtag #kcalogodesign on Instagram. Be sure to check out #kallicampacademy for hundreds of posts from our student portfolio.

Instructor: Angenise Rawls

Instagram: @thegracefulpenstudio



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