Intro to Broad Edge Flourishing

Did you know that flourishing can be adapted to broad edge calligraphy? Flowing flourishes can be added to seemingly rigid broad edge hands to add flair and creativity. We'll learn to follow the rules and then find ways to approach them from our unique viewpoint.

Using Italics & Hebrew foundational hand, we will exercise our flourishing muscles and learn to write our names or favorite phrases in a beautiful and decorative way.

Come as a newbie to flourishing and broad edge or as a seasoned flourisher and find the unique ways that the broad edge tool can enhance your calligraphy.

Concepts & Skills We'll Cover:

  • Italic calligraphy
  • Hebrew foundational hand
  • flourishing exercises from simple to complex
  • best practices for successful flourishing
  • manipulating the broad edge pen nib for various flourishing styles
  • White space, balance, symmetry
  • Breaking the rules

Want to join us for class? It's offered on-demand and now available to enrolled students. Enjoy this video and printable worksheets today!

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Tools Needed:

  • Pilot Pen/ Broad Edge nib/ Calligraphy marker 
  • Your favorite paper for calligraphy practice
  • Tracing paper (recommended)
  • Pencil & eraser 
  • Ruler
  • Worksheets 


Want to see our students homework? Search the hashtag #kcabroadedgeflourishing on Instagram to see samples from this week's homework. Our students who participate in this challenge get entered into a drawing to win prizes.

Instructor: Malka Klein


Instagram: @malkaklein


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