Different Strokes: Offhand Flourishing and Cartouche

Learn how to put the fundamental strokes of off-hand flourishing and the basic elements for cartouches together to create your own feathers, off-hand flourishes, and cartouches with ease!

Topics Covered: 

  • Teardrop template
  • 5 fundamental strokes for off-hand flourishing
  • Basic elements for cartouches
  • What to look for in your first cartouche
  • Create a cartouche from start to finish

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Materials Needed:

  • a regular pencil
  • a white pencil
  • eraser
  • straight pen holder or an oblique pen
  • relatively flexible nib (ex: Leonardt Principal EF nib, Hunt 101, Gillott 303)
  • ink
  • a white or black sheet of paper
  • chalk or watercolor or colored pencils (2 shades of green, purple, and a few other colors)
  • printed sheet of the large teardrop template (you can use any of the teardrop templates)
  • printed sheet of "The Basic Elements of Cartouches"
  • printed sheets of the KalliCamp Academy Class Notes for note taking or a notebook

Homework Challenge

Our students will post their homework on Instagram with hashtag #kcadifferentstrokes, so search Instagram to see their work! They will be entered to win a prize for sharing their work.

 Instructor: Jane Matsumoto

Website: www.ginkgoarts.com

Instagram: @ginkgoarts

Facebook: @ginkgoarts


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