How to Create Books with Japanese Stab Binding

jane paper crafts Oct 10, 2020

Have you ever thought about learning to bind or start book binding and felt overwhelmed by not just how many types there are out there, but by the supplies required to make some of them happen?  I have one for you today, that is perfect for someone who wants to try binding without having to invest in a lot of tools or time. 

There are many different types and techniques of binding and book binding available. They range from being simple to complex and have various looks and functionality. Many require supplies like boards, clamps, glue, cloth, etc. on top of the basic binding supplies. The most versatile of these is Japanese Stab Binding. It is a simple binding technique that requires just a handful of supplies. You can use any type or paper and even mix/match materials. The only requirement is that the material has to be cut to the same size. No folding or gluing required!

You can use this technique to create your own calligraphy or watercolor...

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Envelope Art - Floral Borders

Got mail to send? Have you thought about decorating the front (and back) of that envelope? How many times have you seen a beautifully decorated envelope and thought to yourself, "That's gorgeous!" but stopped because it either looked too difficult or time consuming? Well, envelope art can be as simple as putting some creative lettering on the front or complex with intricate flourishes and designs. This class is about finding that middle ground with floral borders that you can easily create a handful at a time and have envelopes ready to address and mail!

Topics Covered

  • Examples 
  • Finding inspiration from what is inside the envelope
  • How to decant watercolors from your pans to a palette
  • A large loose floral element on one corner (front and back) and outlining it to make it pop
  • Using a masking tape to create a border
  • How to use a wedge brush and a round brush for each floral element
  • How to create a floral border with just paint and another with outlines and a last one without...
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How to Paint Watercolor Wreaths

Nothing says "Welcome and Merry Christmas!" than a holiday wreath hanging on a front door. Wreaths exude a sense of joy and a desire for peace, as its circular shape symbolizes unity and never ending love and life. Spring and Summer wreaths represent new life and growth. Autumn wreaths represents change and the circle of life. Christmas wreaths have deep and symbolic religious meaning, but over time, have come to represent the spirit of Christmas and the holidays. For me, leaves represent the tree of life, symbolizing health and growth, the pine needles represent peace (the Tree of Peace), the holly leaves represent hope, and the poinsettia represents good cheer. We will be combining all four elements to create a beautiful Christmas wreath, using watercolor techniques that you can use to make holiday cards and decorate envelopes. 

Topics Covered: 

  • Creating leaves and poinsettia petals
  • Creating pine needles
  • Creating holly leaves
  • Revisiting all four elements 
  • Step...
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June 15-21: Different Strokes: Offhand Flourishing and Basics of Cartouche Class

Learn how to put the fundamental strokes of off-hand flourishing and the basic elements for cartouches together to create your own feathers, off-hand flourishes, and cartouches with ease!

Topics Covered: 

  • Teardrop template
  • 5 fundamental strokes for off-hand flourishing
  • Basic elements for cartouches
  • What to look for in your first cartouche
  • Create a cartouche from start to finish

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Materials Needed:

  • a regular pencil
  • a white pencil
  • eraser
  • straight pen holder or an oblique pen
  • relatively flexible nib (ex: Leonardt Principal EF nib, Hunt 101, Gillott 303)
  • ink
  • a white or black sheet of paper
  • chalk or watercolor or colored pencils (2 shades of green, purple, and a few other colors)
  • printed sheet of the large teardrop template (you can use any of the teardrop templates)
  • printed sheet of "The Basic Elements of Cartouches"
  • printed sheets of the KalliCamp Academy...
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