Watercolor Maps

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Welcome to the watercolor maps class! This is a class about making a decorative map with watercolors. You'll learn how to take a digital map and, using procreate to trace, put it on paper and paint it. We will also cover some painting techniques to add detail to the colors and areas of the map.


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Materials Needed:

  • Digital map 
  • Procreate
  • Your choice of watercolor paper, paints, and thin brushes
  • Any materials you want to use to embellish the final product

Helpful Tips:

Procreate Set up I use:


*700 dpi

*(the higher dpi, the fewer layers you can have. For general drawing, 300 dpi is fine. I use 700 for my calligraphy)

Procreate steps:

  • Open Procreate
  • New Canvas
  • Add picture (from your images)
  • Tap the layers panel
  • Tap the “N” on the layer
  • Reduce opacity
  • New layer (tap layer, tap plus sign)
  • Draw the streets you want to use!

If digitizing and drawing each element individually, draw the icons larger than they will be in the final product. This will allow you to get more detail in and let your small drawings look more intricate!

For empty spaces on your map consider location appropriate items such as:

  • Mountains
  • Little grass tufts
  • Flowers
  • Trees (palm trees, evergreen trees, anything that’s common of the area!)
  • Local animal
  • What the area is famous for (like oysters in Charleston, oranges in central Florida, etc)

You can also fill empty places with a compass. Your compass could be as simple as an arrow with an N for north, or far more intricate with the directions spelled out. Old maps would be a great inspiration here!

Don’t forget to label your map! I usually use simple type for locations and more “fun” calligraphy for the map title

Looking for a place to print your maps? My favorite vendor is Printswell. A few notes here:

For stand alone pieces that won’t be framed, 120# is a nice weight and 240# is very stiff. If you are framing, 100 is a good weight (this is a good weight for folded cards too).


Instructor: Allison McClanahan


Instagram: @wildwoodcalligraphyandpost

Website: wildwoodcp.com


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