Flourished Butterflies

Homework Hashtag: #kcaflourishedbutterflies

Whether you want to add an illustrative element to your calligraphic work or just bring your flourishes to practice, Flourished Butterflies are a great way to do both. In this class, I will show you how to design a flourished butterfly and we will touch on different approaches for these illustrations. You will learn how to develop your very own collection of flourishes and how to combine them. By the end of this class, you’ll be able to create your own flourished butterflies and to add them to your work.


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Materials Needed:

• Any paper you like to work on with a pointed pen

• Pen holder of your choice, teacher prefers straight holder for flourishing

• Medium flexible pointed nib of choice (such as Hunt 22b, Baignol & Farjon 803)

• Ink of your choice, teacher used dark walnut ink

• Pencil and eraser (not needed if using light pad)

• Optional: light pad


Helpful Tips:

Resources for flourishing, historic examples:

Zaner's Gems of Flourishing

Clinton Clark's Scrapbook

IAMPETH Collection for Offhand Flourishing



Instructor: Sabine Tack


Instagram: @federverliebt


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