Precision Copperplate Calligraphy Self-study Course

Learn to master tine manipulation once and for all in this course that teaches goal-directed calligraphy methods in a deep dive study on Engrosser’s Script.

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What is Included?

  • Video lessons for Engrosser’s Script calligraphy, Beginner through Advanced
  • From getting started to writing full passages
  • Tightly edited video lessons approximately 10 minutes each to maximize efficiency
  • Printable textbook to download– Over 90 pages, including tracing worksheets
  • Worksheets include exemplar, full tracing page for each alphabet letter, guidelines
  • Daily homework plan 
  • Course designed to take 4 months with 5 lessons a week, ~10-minute video + 15-20 minutes of homework
  • Video lesson will drip out weekly for 4 months
  • Lifetime access* to online, on-demand classes to watch at your convenience

The #1 Skill for Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy

Learning tine manipulation is a complete game-changer when it comes to executing precision copperplate calligraphy, such as with Engrosser's Script taught in this course.

With precise explanations, I show you exactly how to get squared edges, perfect ovals and loop your letters on slant. 

"Heather’s teaching skills are so warm and encouraging that people are engaged immediately. I think of her as a calligraphy ambassador. Her classes are wonderful and reach all levels of calligraphers from beginners to seasoned professional calligraphers."

Wil Feige, President, Birmingham Calligraphy Guild

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Get Perfect Ink Flow Every Time

There is no sense in fussing and fighting with your ink and nibs when there are simple solutions to all of your pointed pen woes.

Perfecting ink consistency, learning to troubleshoot problems, and proper nib care are all covered in this course.

"If you want to study Copperplate calligraphy -- Engrosser’s Script—you’ll have the best with instructor Heather McKelvey. Heather is willing. She’s loves calligraphy and pointed pens and ink and beautiful words that are crafted with elegance, and precision, and with great joy. Then she enjoys sharing all these skills with others. She has been willing to spend the time to master this craft herself. And she is passionate about teaching this elegant art form to others. I’ve known Heather through calligraphy classes and workshops for many years. In her own classes, she is encouraging. She’s organized, detailed, and passionate about sharing calligraphy. Heather always inspires me and makes me want to be a better calligrapher. And she’s willing to spend the time to share her skills to do just that."

Mary Ann Morrow, Board of Directors, Birmingham Calligraphy Guild

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"I cannot recommend Heather’s copperplate class enough!  Heather is a wonderful teacher and mentor and she brings all of her skills and talents to the table for you.  She unselfishly shares her beautiful hand, skills and techniques of Copperplate calligraphy with you to help you grow, learn and advance as a calligrapher.  She exceeds your expectations of learning but mainly she makes her classes fun and engaging and she is always wearing a smile!  You will definitely be cheating yourself if you don’t enroll in her class.  

"I am so thankful and happy that I have been a student of Heather and her classes.  I encourage you to do this as well-you will be glad you did!"

Glenda Tidwell


This is just a sampling of the multitude of content included in this 4-month course. We provide a daily homework assignment for 5 days a week, every week of the course.

Getting Started

  • Tools & Supplies
  • Pen Adjustment


  • Positioning
  • Left hand Tips 

All About Ink

  •  Perfecting Ink
  • Ink Troubleshooting

Warm Up Drills


  • Using the Pointed Pen
  • Squaring Edges
  • Advanced Pressure Drills

Basic Strokes






Who Should Attend?

Pointed pen calligraphers who are just starting out and experienced calligraphers wanting to perfect engrosser's script calligraphy will love this course.

What is the Format?

Classes are on-demand right here on our course platform. Modules release weekly for 4 months. One live check-in is included with a replay saved for later.

What is Included?

On-demand videos, supply list, and a 90+ page workbook with tracing worksheets. Community forum, live check-ins and instructor support available only during select enrollment periods.

Make Your Calligraphy Dream a Reality

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"Even as an experienced calligrapher, I learned so much from Heather’s class on Engrosser’s Script. The details of engrossing- putting those touches on the letters that give you such a beautiful result – make all the difference in the look of your finished piece.

"As a professional calligrapher, I have done so much wedding calligraphy. Heather’s class helped me go back to the beautiful classic strokes of Engrosser’s Script. Crafting the letters, spacing and focusing on the beauty, instead of rushing to a deadline. I continually go back to her exemplars to keep my work at its best."

Jean Masters, Board of Directors, Birmingham Calligraphy Guild



🖋️ Who monitors the Community forum?

I am monitoring the community forum myself, and I am committed to making sure you have the answers you need in order to succeed at copperplate calligraphy.  Please note the community is only available during select enrollment periods.

🖋️ Does this course come with a textbook?

Yes, there is a downloadable 90+ page workbook included. This printable includes worksheets for: basic strokes, exemplars, various guidelines, and a full page of tracing worksheets for every letter--both minuscules and majuscules.

🖋️ Will this course work for lefties?

Absolutely, there is a dedicated lesson to help left-handed writers with their unique challenges.

🖋️ I have shakiness in my hand, should I take this course?

Depending on the severity of your tremor, we discuss ways to work around shakiness in the course.  One of those methods is to use a G nib instead of a fine or extra fine nib, as G nibs are more forgiving.  However we cannot guarantee individual results.  

"I would like to recommend Heather McKelvey’s On line Engrosser’s Script class to anyone wanting to learn this beautiful calligraphy hand. Heather has taught a class at the Birmingham Calligraphy Guild and it was well received by the membership, both beginners and those more experienced. She is an accomplished teacher and you will not disappointed if you sign up for her class.” 

Jim Davis, Co-founder and Past President, Birmingham Calligraphy Guild

Supply List

The supplies below are the ones recommended in the course. You can purchase all of these supplies directly at John Neal Books. This is an affiliate link where I may receive a small commission from your purchase.

  • Higgins Eternal (I08)
  • Moon Palace Sumi Ink (I70)
  • Pointed Pen Sampler (N154) my favorite Leonardt Principal EF
  • Gum Arabic Powder (I85)
  • Walnut drawing Ink (I53) 2.5 oz. optional
  • Autograph Light Pad (S1013)
  • Padpucks 4-pack (S910)
  • Jumbo Dinky Dips with holder (S853) 
  • Gilbert Bond 25% Cotton Practice Pad 8.5" X 11" (P69) for pencil practice
  • Turned  wood Oblique nib holder (H114)
  • G Pen Nib Sampler (N205) my favorite is Tachikawa
  • Canson Pro-Layout marker paper (P32)
  • Blackwing Pearl Pencils (PL11)
  • Leonardt Principal EF Nib (N120)
  • Westcott graph ruler (S798)
  • SmudgeGuard Two-finger Glove (S1025) or a white cotton glove with the thumb and first 2-3 fingers cut out (leave the pinky finger on glove)

Got Questions?

We've got answers! We cover all of these topics and more:

  • How do I even get started if I know absolutely nothing?
  • How do I position my paper, arm and pen?
  • What is the difference between Engrosser’s Script and Copperplate?
  • How do I learn calligraphy if I am left-handed?
  • Should I use a straight pen or an oblique pen?
  • What is the best nib?
  • Why does ink pool up on my nib?
  • When do I add gum arabic and how much?
  • How do I know when to toss out a nib?
  • Why are my hairlines not thin?
  • Why is my ink clumping up?
  • How do I get a flat top and a flat bottom on my downstroke?
  • How do I correct my strokes if they aren’t looking right?

Meet the Instructor, Heather McKelvey

Hi! I'm Heather, the Co-founder and CEO of Kalli Camp Academy and the instructor of this course. I started learning calligraphy in 2015, and the rest is history. I serve on the Board of Directors of the Birmingham Calligraphy Guild in Birmingham, Alabama, where I have also taught 3 calligraphy workshops. I have learned from several accomplished teachers, including Jim Davis, Suzanne Cunningham, Emily Coe, Melinda Sapp, Faith Miller, Erica McPhee, and Dr. Jim Vitolo. I have studied the Zanerian Manual in great detail, and that is the main source of instruction I bring to this course. My background as a classical pianist has largely informed my teaching and practice methods, and I strongly recommend a slow, intentional, laser-focused study of the script. As a side note, I am also a medical student at the UAB Heersink School of Medicine, where l will graduate with my MD in 2025. As such, I bring a scientific approach to problem-solving when it comes to ink and supply issues, and my understanding of body mechanics helps me describe calligraphy movements with more precision. I truly care about the experience my students have as they learn calligraphy, and I am here to support you along the way.

Learn Goal-Directed Calligraphy

In the Precision Copperplate Calligraphy course, we not only engage all five senses, we utilize them to guide us toward goal-directed calligraphy, which is precise placement of every aspect of each letter.


Join Me in Studying Engrosser's Script Calligraphy

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"I had the pleasure of being a student of Heather’s when she taught at my local calligraphy guild. She was so upbeat and precise in her teaching.  She is an encourager to beginners and helps others know that it is possible to achieve quality and satisfaction in your work."

Sharon Hill



Due to the nature of the course being a digital product, we are unable to grant returns, refunds, guarantees or exchanges. All purchases are final.

Sharing of any course materials, whether videos, photos of videos, worksheets, or recordings of any of the aforementioned or otherwise is strictly prohibited and violators will be prosecuted.

Course is intended for use by one individual, and passwords may not be shared. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.

*Calligraphy course does not include any supplies

**Lifetime Access means for the lifetime of the product