Focused Practice Produces Faster Improvement

Do you ever feel like you practice for hours and don't see any improvement? It could be that you aren't narrowing your focus enough. While it may seem counterintuitive, slowing down your practice and breaking it into smaller parts may help you speed your way to better calligraphy.


When I practice the foundational strokes, I don't practice them whole. I break them into the smallest parts possible and practice one piece at a time until I see improvement. 

Looking at the big picture of the whole alphabet or a long calligraphy piece can feel overwhelming. But that big picture is made up of many tiny pieces, and most of them are so similar that if you conquered just a few improvements, it would make a noticeable difference.

What is your weakest letter? Take that letter, break it down into strokes, and then break those strokes into smaller practiceable pieces and practice just those strokes for the next week. Then compare a before and after and see what you think.

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Creating with grace,



Heather McKelvey

Co-founder and CEO, Kalli Camp Academy

Calligraphy Educator, Kallialitheia


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