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news May 28, 2020

Do you love beautiful letters and long to connect with others who share that passion? If so, then you are in the right place! Kalli Camp Academy offers you the opportunity to improve your lettering and calligraphy skills in a virtual format that is different than any other you've experienced.

Most online course websites give you a selection of classes, and you can choose which ones you want and buy access to that one class. It's a deep dive into heavy learning of one particular skill, usually with a single teacher.

Others offer you a membership, where you have access to thousands of different classes by different teachers, and you are on your own to figure out which ones are worth your time and teach what you want to learn.

Learning Calligraphy is Different Here

At Kalli Camp Academy, things look a little different.  We truly offer you the best of both worlds. We provide a membership-based platform, at a competitive price as the larger ones, with carefully curated classes and instructors, and a private community where we cultivate friendships.

These classes are created to cater to the creative in you, giving you ever-changing opportunities to enhance your skillset and expand your knowledgebase. While we have some beginner to advanced high-level fine art classes in the works that will give you focused training in individual writing styles, these are not the main focus of our academy.

The Focus of Our Calligraphy Academy

Want to know our main focus? YOU! But not just you by yourself. You--with US! See the point of coming to class at Kalli Camp Academy, as opposed to other learning platforms, is to connect with others who share the same passions. We want to make friends and build relationships, and have an experience while we learn new skills and grow in calligraphy and hand-lettering.

We have selected skilled teachers, advanced in their crafts, who have much to offer you. Among our teachers, some have trained in schools and workshops, studied under calligraphy mentors, and even earned various teaching degrees and certificates. Better than all of that, though, they have a heart for teaching you.

Our Learning Philosophy

We have a unique philosophy of learning at KCA that is summed up in one word: TOGETHER. We believe that we learn better together. And everything we do is aimed at creating an environment where we not only thrive in the success of our learning, but we coach each other on to higher levels of fulfillment in each person's own learning endeavors.

We have some very specific methods we use to promote our "together" learning experience. When you enroll at the academy, you'll have immediate access to our new student orientation, where we explain our simple system that keeps you on track and makes learning a pleasure.

Topics We Teach at Kalli Camp Academy

You might be wondering specifically what we teach here at the academy. We have a variety of classes we teach, and we laid out our lesson plans for the next six months before we started filming the first class.

Among these topics are:

  • Pointed pen calligraphy, both copperplate and modern styles
  • Broad-edge styles of calligraphy
  • Lettering on non-traditional surfaces, such as wood, glass and acrylic
  • American cursive
  • Flourishing
  • Watercolor

This is just to name a few. In July and August we will be having some early Christmas and Hannakuh projects that will give you a head-start on planning your hand-made holiday gifts.

We Make Things in Our Classes

We aim for most of our classes to give you hands-on learning that give you a tangible project you can complete after going through the class. Every week we teach a different topic, which is meant to come alongside the skills you are already learning and give you a fresh challenge, introducing you to new things.

Art and Learning as Therapy

You can really think of your time at the Academy as your me-time--that moment in the week that you just pause, unplug from the usual crazy, and treat yourself to an hour or two of pure creative pleasure. And the best part? You do it on your own schedule. All of our classes are on-demand, online, and available for viewing any time of night or day.

Connect with Creatives and Calligraphers

The real treasure here at KCA is our private community. We have a well-organized forum of calligraphy and art topics where you can engage with other creatives and with our instructors and form real friendships around the things you love to do most. If you have questions about supplies or frustrations you need help working through in your craft, there is always someone available to share an answer. And with weekly discussion topics and homework challenges, we always encourage regular engagement so that you're never learning by yourself.

Re-defining Happy Hour

In a time where people are exploring a new way of living and seeking different ways to connect, we offer you a place to belong and a chance to relax. Whether coming home from work means pulling in the driveway or just walking out of the dining room, we give you a place to go to be with others, worry-free.

No matter what life is like for you right now, you don’t have to experience it alone. Come to Kalli Camp Academy and see for yourself what it’s like to learn calligraphy together.


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