Modern Calligraphy in the Blue Skies Lettering Style

Have you ever been tempted to try modern calligraphy? Not sure where to begin? Well, this class is for you! Modern calligraphy boasts a very wide range of styles and is perfect for creating your trademark look! That being said, modern calligraphy can easily get out of hand without a set of rules to work within. In this class, you will learn a basic alphabet that is very similar to copperplate with a few exceptions. We will also discuss small changes that can be made to each letterform that can drastically change the look of your script while still staying within a set of basic rules. This will help your script to appear whimsical and beautiful while maintaining the integrity of the letterforms! At the end of the class, you'll create your own alphabet using the techniques we discuss in the lesson. So let's get started!

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Materials Needed

  • Pointed Pen- oblique or straight holder
  • Nib- your favorite! I’ll be using the Zebra G
  • Printed Guidelines- I’ll be using a 6 mm x-height with 62 degree slant and 3:2:3 ratio. These are included in your handout, but feel free to use your favorite guidelines!
  • Printed Worksheets
  • Ink of choice- I use Moon Palace Sumi ink
  • Marker Paper- I prefer Canson’s brand. This isn’t a requirement, but is nice to practice with. You could also use tracing paper or print your worksheets on a nice heavy-weight copy paper like HP Premium

Homework Challenge

      Want to see our students homework? Search the hashtag #kcamodernstyle on Instagram. Be sure to checkout #kallicampacademy for hundreds of posts from our student portfolio.

Instructor: Michelle Coulter

Instagram: @blueskieslettering



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