How to Style and Photograph Flatlays


In this class, we will talk about how to take a picture that accurately represents what you want to show by using good lighting, editing the picture in lightroom mobile, and styling your piece as well.

Topics Covered

• Good things for flatlay props
• Proper Lighting
• How to arrange props around your piece.
• Taking different pictures of the same piece to have more photos for Instagram
• Editing the pictures in Lightroom

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Materials Needed:

Flatlay Props: (of course, these are not all required, just suggestions)

  • Wax stamps
  • Wax seals (created by pouring wax onto aluminum foil, then peeling off when cool)
  • Old nibs, shells, feathers, ribbon, other small antique items
  • Vintage postage, handmade paper
  • Supplies used to create the item
  • Die cut shapes, pretty stickers
  • Palo Santo, sage, dried florals, crystals, incense...
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