Lettering Unusual Place Cards

Ever had friends, family, or clients ask you to letter on strange surfaces and not know where to begin? Ever felt lost as to which types of paint pen to use on certain surfaces? Have the skills but not the know-how to add statement pieces to your table space? Gain the confidence to letter on “all the things” in this KCA class: Lettering Unusual Place Cards .

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • Proper paint markers for lettering on various subjects
  • Unusual objects that are dying to be lettered on
  • Tips for lettering on uneven, round, and porous items

After joining in on this class, you’ll be well equipped to tackle special pieces for your own personal enjoyment, a sweet personalized gift, or even for your business needs!

Want to join us for class? It's offered on-demand and now available to enrolled students. Enjoy this video and printable worksheets today!

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Materials Needed:

(Remember: these materials are suggestions, not requirements. Use what you...

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