Hand-Lettered Wood Signs

Homework Challenge: #kcawoodsigns

Walking through a store with beautiful wooden signs for sale, have you ever found yourself thinking, “Hmm.. I could totally make that but I have no idea where to start”? That’s where Carrie comes in, friends! She's spilling all of her sign-making secrets just for you. She's been through enough trial and error for all of us and is here to share her very best tips for lettering on wood.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to prep your wood and why it is important to do so
  • The materials needed for both prepping your sign as well as for lettering
  • And a step-by-step process for taking the fear of error out of the sign lettering equation.

After joining in on this class, you’ll be well equipped to tackle signage for your own personal enjoyment, a sweet personalized gift, or even for your business needs!

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