Create and Edit Vectors of Calligraphy

digital heather Oct 07, 2022

“Help! The printing company wants a vector file!? What do I do?” If you’ve ever designed a graphic and had a request to provide a vector file, chances are you felt a sense of panic. Working with vectors can seem intimidating on the surface, but with a few simple tools and understanding how to use them, you should be able to create and edit vector files of your artwork. Whether you need a logo, a cut file, or a batch of SVGs to plug into that font-making software, Adobe Illustrator will be your best friend.

Topics Covered

  • How to import a graphic into Illustrator
  • How to convert that graphic into a series of paths (the basis of the vector)
  • How to use the selection, direct selection, and pen tools to edit those paths
  • The “hot spots” I focus on for vectorizing calligraphy
  • How to collect your graphic(s) for export.

This class is the perfect complement to our How to Design a Logo and Digitizing Your Calligraphy classes. Let’s get started!

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Magic Centering Method for Calligraphy

Have you ever wished you could center your practice pieces without all the fuss of creating a layout? In this class I’m going to show you how to use an optical illusion to give your calligraphed passages the appearance of being centered, when in fact, very little actual centering is taking place.

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Any supplies you have on hand will be perfect. I am including links to the supplies I prefer for your convenience. Many of these are available at John Neal, and I link to my supply page there for reference. Others are available at local arts and crafts supply stores, and I'm including affiliate links to some products on Amazon.

Pen and nib--See my supply list at John Neal for specific pen and nib recommendations

Ink--Moon Palace Sumi Ink

Paper--Canson Pro Layout Marker...

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